Healthcare Economics Management 1st/2024 by



Healthcare Economics Management 1st/2024 by Mogli

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Healthcare Economics Management 1st/2024 by  Mogli 

The text of this unique book is divided into three sections. Section 1 deals with healthcare and economic intricacies, including the scope of health economics, need for healthcare economic research, health reforms, economic values of the professionals, nursing-sensitive quality indicators and patient care, what a patient as a consumer should know, nursing intellectual capital theory, hospital cost and nursing cost offset, and how to economize health services expenditure.

Section 2 encompasses healthcare delivery system and management, hospital services, including accident and emergency, outpatient and inpatient services, organization of patient care in the ward, operation theatre, intensive care units, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, blood transfusion, pediatrics, diabetes, dental, IVF the clinic, rehabilitation, oncology, psychiatry, public health, hospital-acquired infection, occupational health and safety, biomedical equipment maintenance, central sterile supplies.

Section 3 deals with an introduction to nursing records, nursing service and organization, nursing professional documentation including designing hospital nursing administration activity fields, and physical

and occupational therapies, optometry, audiometric, medical psychology, nutrition and quality assurance program, potential issues of healthcare economics, Indian healthcare economic management system, costreducing innovations in healthcare, increased healthcare cost, concluding the summary of healthcare economic management and Annexures in the end support by health economics terminology definitions, the definition of medical specialties, medical terms used in healthcare management, standardized medical abbreviations with single meaning and bibliography.

This book would be of immense use to all healthcare providers, medical, nursing and paramedical staff, junior and senior academic and administrative staff, policymakers, engaged inpatient care services, especially students of future healthcare system providers, and builders.

This will serve as a comprehensive textbook for students of courses in healthcare economics and management in all educational institutions, and as a valuable resource for other professionals in related fields such as medical, paramedical, laboratory technology, radiology, pharmacy, nutrition, biomedical engineering, hospital administration, insurance, billing and finance.

Publisher CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd
Binding Paperback
Size 6.75”×9.5
Year 2024
Edition 1st Edition
Pages 516
Author GD Mogli
Subject Healthcare/Hospital Management
About the Author

GD Mogli PhD, MBA, FHRIM (UK), FAHIMA (USA) is Visiting Professor of Medical Informatics, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Maharashtra, Chief Executive Officer of Dr Mogli’s Healthcare Management Consultancy, and Ex-Senior Consultant (eHealth Management), HEARTCOM Inc. (USA). He served the World Health Organization as a visiting consultant. He has vast experience in the healthcare delivery system in general and Medical Records/Health Information Management in particular. During his four decades of career, he has received many distinguished awards and credentials from professional organizations and countries wherever he served. In 2004, the American Health Information Management Association awarded him as one of the 2004 Triumph Award nominees for ‘Honoring Those Who Make a Difference’. He is the first person to have HIM Fellow from UK and USA, First  AHIMA Fellow outside USA. He has served as Senior Consultant /Adviser to the Ministries of Health, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE. He is an active member of AHIMA (USA), IRHIM (UK), IFHIMA (World), President of HIMA India and serving as academic advisory board to educational institutions. He is well-known as “Father of Medical Records in India and Middle East”. He has presented papers at 24 world conferences and delivered guest lectures in 14 countries. He is currently involved in healthcare management and research, written 18 books and
published 131 papers in international journals of repute.