Radiology Exam Made Easy 1st/2023 (2 Vols)
by C Amarnath
Radiology Exam Made Easy 1st/2023 (2 Vols)
by C Amarnath


Radiology Exam Made Easy 1st/2023 (2 Vols) by C Amarnath

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Radiology Exam Made Easy 1st/2023 (2 Vols) by C Amarnath 

ISBN: 9789354666049

This is an exam preparatory manual which focusses on crystal-clear explanations about various differential diagnoses from all the systems

Highlights and salient features

  • A complete stepwise aid for radiology board examinations
  • Ultraprecise structured guidelines for radiology case presentation
  • Exam-oriented systematic approach to image interpretation.
  • Illustrative system-wise radiological anatomy
  • Comprehensive coverage of over 200+ examination cases with an all-inclusive list of possible differential diagnoses
  • 70 plus OSCE/CORE exercises explained with high quality images and original illustrations
  • High yield viva voce material, including topics like contrast agents, equipment, physics principles
  • Emergency radiology—a proactive approach
  • An overview of the international certifying examinations such as FICR, MICR, EDIR
  • Anatomy, instruments, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, recent advances topics and more than 2000 images and illustrations.
  • The content is derived from standard articles, textbooks, and the Stanley Radiology Museum's famed archives with inputs from experienced faculty—all pieced together in a comprehensive, easy to read format.
  • The book provides a concise and handy reference and case based approach for radiology residents appearing for final year examinations. Also provides valuable information that clinical radiologists will find useful in their day-to-day practice.