Thieme Test Prep Series Anatomy 1st/2023 (Vol 3)

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Thieme Test Prep Series Anatomy 1st/2023 (Vol 3)

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Thieme Test Prep Series: Anatomy, Volume 3    is a comprehensive learning and exam preparation tool which adheres to the NMC‘s competency-based syllabus. The competencies are organized region-wise in the three volumes of the series. The topics covered across the three volumes are:

  • Volume 1: General anatomy, upper limb, thorax, and general histology
  • Volume 2: Head and neck, neuroanatomy, and genetics
  • Volume 3: Lower limb, abdomen, pelvis, and general embryology 


In this volume, topics like lower limb, abdomen, pelvis, and general embryology , with their relevant embryology and histology, and topics in general embryology are covered. This unique book is an essential companion for undergraduate and postgraduate students of modern medicine (medical and dental), alternative medicine (AYUSH), nursing, physiotherapy, and allied health sciences.

Key Features:

• The questions and answers are presented with simple, self-explanatory, and easy-to-reproduce figures, tables, and flowcharts for enhanced understanding of complex topics and facilitate easy retention, application to clinical cases, and easy reproducibility in examination.

• Each volume covers a variety of clinical conditions pertaining to the topic for understanding the anatomical basis of the clinical condition.

• Clinical conditions that are typically not elaborated in anatomy textbooks are also presented.

• This book is an excellent resource for preparation of postgraduate entrance examination and board examinations.

• The online content comprises interactive MCQs, numeral mnemonics, and case-based questions for quick recall.